FES accesories

FES Discharger 2

FES Discharger 2 is new standalone device (no need to use additional oil radiator as load as with FES Discharging assistant) for safe and quick discharging of FES 14S or 16S battery pack, to 50% SOC (State Of Charge). Such SOC is most suitable for storage and long transportation of battery packs (price 400€+VAT).
Link to FES Discharger 2 user manual v1.23.

FES Stainless steel box

For advanced protection of FES GEN2 battery packs during transportation and storage (price 480€+VAT, for two boxes).

FES propeller covers

For safety and protection of propeller blades on the ground (price 50€+VAT).

FES LCD display

FES LCD touch screen displays parameters of the FES battery pack in real-time and diagnose the potential errors in the FES battery pack. It is more user-friendly solution compared to our standard FES BMS Control software, which require PC with Windows operation system (price 200€+VAT).
Link to manual.

FES bridge (from LXNAV)

With FES bridge is possible to connect FCU instrument to LX90XX and LX80XX series of flight computers. FES parameters can be presented on big screen of flight computer, and 6 parameters of FES system can be logged to igc file (price 185€+VAT).
Link to manual.

MOP2 sensor (from LXNAV)

IGC approved engine run detection, with hall sensor which measure DC current between battery packs and motor controller. Connects to LX9000, LX8000 and LX8080 systems via the RS-485 bus. Connects also to S series variometers via CAN bus (price 340€+VAT).

FES KOP1001 charger

For faster charging (price 720€+VAT).

FES KOP2300 charger

For quick charging (price 1600€+VAT) of FES 14S battery pack.
Only FES charger which can work also on 110VAC (without voltage converter)