LAK17B FES is latest development from LAK17A. Compared to A version, B has modified wing geometry and new wing profiles, which allows same max wing loadings like best sailplanes in 18m class. Fuselage and tail section is similar as well known A version.

New wings for B version

From the start they were optimised for 18m wigspan with possibility of 15m tips. New aerodinamic knowledge lead to new wing airfoils, which are based on higher maximum lift coeficient. This princip proved to be very succesfull on Diana 2 and ASG29. With new airfoil there are better climb performance, with higher wing loading, especially in turbulent thermals. Maximum take off weight with 18m wing span is 600kg, which mean wing loading 58kg/m2!

Technical data of LAK17B FES

Dimensions, weigts, loadings

Wing span 15 m 18 m
Wing area 9.18 m2 10.32 m2
Fuselage lenght 6.53 m 6.53 m
Fuselage height 1.32 m 1.32 m
Aspect ratio 24.5 31.4
Empty weight 325 kg 335 kg
Max TOW 550 kg 600 kg
Water ballast in wings 150 kg 190 kg
Batteries weight 31 kg 31 kg
Min. wing loading 43 kg/m2 39 kg/m2
Max. wing loading 60 kg/m2 58 kg/m2
Vne 275 km/h 275 km/h
Max motor power 23kW 23kW
Propeller diameter 1.0m 1.0m
Max horizontal flight distance 100km 100km
Max climb altitude uder power 1200m 1200m
Max climb rate under power 2m/s 2m/s

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